One-Piece Dental Implants

One-piece dental implants are inserted using the MIMI® procedure, the minimally invasive method of implantation. This implant, including the implant thread and the implant head, consists of just one piece. Unlike two-piece implants, it does not have any micro-cleft at all. However, the following problems with one-piece implants are discussed in literature:

1) Insertion divergences

2) Temporary phase for small implant units

1) Insertion divergences: with cementable "Prep-Caps" (at present, available in zircon, ceramics, titanium grade 4, and WIN!), considerable axis divergences of one-piece Champions® implants can be compensated. The Prep-Caps serve as "crowns" or "abutments", which can be prepared in parallel after secure cementation. The exact preparation of the implant heads in the mouth of the patient is completely painless because it is done "above the gingiva". The preparation is carried out in accordance with an approved dental laboratory, where the color of the tooth and the manufacture of the crowns are discussed with you and determined.

2) The osseointegration phase is critical 2 to 8 weeks after the implantation because implants are sensitive to side shear forces. If in this phase there are micro-movements or macro- movements (e.g. because of a broken temporary) or due to lack of participation of the patient, patients can have problems with the implants. That is why the right design and fitting of the temporary on the implants is very important during the MIMI® treatment. During this phase (2 - 8 weeks after implantation), patients should "just eat food that they can chew with their tongue!" A patient who is well-informed should participate actively so that the MIMI® treatment can be successful. In this way, the one-piece implant success rate of more than 95% can be achieved.

Similarly to the "keyhole surgery" or endoscopy in surgery, MIMI® is based on the concept that patients do not have to undergo complicated and painful surgery. Instead, the MIMI® implantation is nearly bloodless and almost painless for the patient. The final implant-supported prosthodontic restoration is no longer just affordable for high-income earners, famous politicians and economists, and show stars, but for all patients. In most cases, it can be fitted within two to ten weeks.

The implantation itself, which is carried out under local anesthesia, just takes a few minutes. A regular dental extraction is usually a more extensive intervention than an implantation and can lead to more complications. Usually, patients treated according to MIMI® can resume their daily activities the next day.