CIM Method MIMI®-Flapless with Champions® Implants
CIM Method MIMI®-Flapless with Champions® Implants
Many long and complicated surgeries Just one short surgery
Often associated with bone augmentation with non-autologous material or with autologous bone that does not originate from the implant site Only a minimal bone volume necessary and/or MIMI®-Flapless II with autologous bone from the implant site (widening of the autologous jaw bone)
Higher inflammation risk Very little risk of inflammation
Painful Nearly painless or even completely painless
Only suitable to a certain extent for smokers Also suitable for smokers
Expensive material and consumption Far less costly material while the salary for dentists remains the same
Higher implant loss rate during the healing phase Very low implant loss rate caused by bacterial inflammation – calculated from the time of implantation!
Immediate implantation (tooth extraction and implantation in one session) only possible to a certain extent Immediate implantation possible and even recommended
As a rule, the treatment takes:
- 6-8 months in the maxilla
- 3-4 months in the mandible
As a rule, the treatment is completed:
- In 2-3 months in the maxilla and mandible
No immediate loading Immediate loading possible at the discretion of the dentist
Rotation speed of cylindrical drills: 400 to 1500 rpm
Due to the high rotation speed, there is a risk of overheating of the bone, also under water cooling.
Rotation speed of the conical triangular drills (also possible without water cooling): 70 to 250 rpm