After administering standard, local anesthesia, the Champions® implants are inserted with a defined force through slow, smaller borings into the bone. Immediately after MIMI®, you do not see any bleeding, open wounds, no sutures…


Thanks to this non-traumatic surgery method, those several days of swelling and pain following the procedure are now a thing of the past.

5804       5808

Prep-Caps made from full-ceramic (zirconium dioxide: 1) or titanium: 2 were cemented onto the implants to equalize insertion divergences.
The impression is made in the same way as when fitting a crown on a natural tooth, no screwing and unscrewing are necessary.

5806  5812

On account of Champions®' great primary stability, it is usually possible to permanently and solidly cement the high-quality prosthodontic restoration within the first 14 days after MIMI® surgery, except in the case of a single- tooth denture in the frontal upper jaw.


5815               5817

5819               5821

Mandible outfitted with in total 10 Champions® and a one-piece, fully faced zircon dioxide bridge
A week after surgery, the framework fitting and a second bite registration occurred and after another four days, the final cementing of the faced superstructure with Fuji IX. This patient was treated with the minimally invasive method of implantation ("MIMI®"). We equalized insertion divergences during the framework fitting. Pronounced cusp-fissure reliefs are to be avoided when applying the ceramic coating on the passive-fitting framework.

5823 5825


5828   5830

Treating a molar gap with two Champions® implants, 3.0 mm in diameter and with lengths of 12 mm and 16 mm respectively, and a ready-made Cerec-crown in two hours
The implant-supported crown was rotation-proof, treated aesthetically like a natural tooth and immediately loaded in the main load area.

5832      5834


5837      5839
5841      5843   

The 4th case shows an implantation in Tooth site 15 and the immediately provided and splinted crowns 16 and 15. Without great expenditure, the aesthetic results can also be stable for a long time and more than satisfactory.


6224       6226      6228
mimi-info     6232     6234

A 62-year-old patient, who was treated with MIMI®, was provided with a Champions® (R)Evolution - implant and an all- ceramic "Prep-Cap"(the Prep-Cap can be cemented on the titanium screw, Grade IV, immediately after the implantation).

The all-ceramic final crown was fitted 8 weeks after implantation! During the first 8 weeks, the patient wore a fixed temporary restoration, and he had to be careful with it when eating.

The treatment with MIMI® requires dentists to have high levels of training and experience. From a surgical point of view, the MIMI® procedure is not easier than the conventional method of implantation (with flaps). Actually, when implanting with the "keyhole surgery", you can't really see the bone, but you can check bone for "non-perforation" in order to avoid complications. In this case, this patient, who had been afraid before the implantation, was very satisfied with this non-traumatic treatment.